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Re: Affordable Soundscapes

Damn.  For what you'll end up spending all together, I'd sell the loop
station and the headrush and buy a Repeater and a 128 meg CFC card.
That's an awefull lot of stereo loop time.  Also, your effects can live
it the Repeater's effect loop which can be switched from pre loop to
post loop.  Very sweet.  I've been having a lot of fun recording a loop
fairly dry, then setting some random stuff on my Electrix MO-FX.  When
the loop comes in, I'm thinking, "Woah.. did I do that?!"  Fun.  It's
like I influence the loop but not directly.

Mark Sottilaro

cameron street wrote:

> Sound cool, except i found the headrush to have some hiss,4 of them
> would be very noisy, for me that is. i suppose itdepends on where your
> using them in the chain, and gain thestructures before and after.
> cam
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>      From: Peter Badore
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>      Cc: Peter Badore
>      Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 6:33 PM
>      Subject: Affordable Soundscapes
>       Just got a Boss Loop Station & Akai Headrush to attempt my
>      own version of R. Fripp's Soundscapes.  I plan on getting
>      one more of each as I'm doing this in stereo and want to
>      attempt delay effects with separate channels.  I can't
>      afford those damned expensive TC 2290s, so I figure this may
>      be the best way.  The Akai can hold more than 20 seconds,
>      but can I get the Boss to pick up extra time without using
>      the tempo?  I'm looking for solid sound, no beats.  Was this
>      a wise idea, or would four Akais have been better?  Let me
>      know soon while I can still send something back!  I'm also
>      open to other ideas.  I use a Fender Roland-ready Strat,
>      Roland GR-33, stereo amp, and am expecting a Whammy & TC
>      G-Major shortly, as I can't afford the damned G-Force.  But
>      I'm building (will add a Korg MS 2000R to differentiate
>      sound - no need to copy everything!) Thanks,Peter