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Re: Affordable Soundscapes (and the Line 6 DL4)

I have 2 DL4's but at the moment the one has no output (need to have it
For awhile I was able to do the same thing as you are (i.e. delay one 1 and
on the 2nd). I agree the settings are quite "touchy". I have also looped 
the other (it got to confusing after awhile). I'm also working on an A-B
box I'm building myself, but every time I think about it I see another
Oh the problems of today's loopers.


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Subject: Re: Affordable Soundscapes (and the Line 6 DL4)

> While it may not outdo the TC-stuff in bells n' whistles, or the BOSS
> looper in terms of looping time, the Line 6 DL4 is a terrific way to go
> stereo and still sound good while not shucking out too much cash or
> getting lost in the land of rackmounts. Anyone else a fan of using two
> DL4's? Can't beat setting up delays on one and then looping on the other,
> or running the existing loop back into the first DL4 (through a mixer,
> very carefully to avoid squealing) to truncate an existing loop or create
> deeper delay hell. I need to figure out a stereo A/B/C switch-box setup 
> really take advantage of them (to allow inputs to both or either DL4, and
> in between themselves), but that's a few paychecks down the road.....
> Would love to hear other DL4 users' ideas + techniques.
> E.D.
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