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Re: Processor for synthy sounds

Mark wrote:

"why process when you can go synth?"


The original poster said he already tried guitar synths and stated he 
like them.

The Nord Micromodular that is featured in the demos at 
http://www.chicipick.com _is_ a synth, btw.  Take a gander at 
http://www.clavia.se/modular.htm to see what I'm taking about.  But it can 
also be used as a processor because it has external audio inputs.

If you already have a guitar synth or other pitch-MIDI converter, even 
better... you don't have to buy a Chicipick to try out the ideas presented 
at that website (using pick signals to start/stop sequences, control synth 
parameters in real time, etc.).  I like the Sitar2 demo myself.  The bass 
demos are neat too.  Most of these demos are generated by real guitars and 
basses processed through synths.

Heck you don't even have to use a Micromodular (although they are 
inexpensive).  Any synth that can process external audio will do.


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