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Re: Processor for synthy sounds

nope i dont like guitar synths

im looking for rackmount fx units

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Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2001 2:21 AM
Subject: Re: Processor for synthy sounds

> Mark wrote:
> "why process when you can go synth?"
> Me:
> The original poster said he already tried guitar synths and stated he
> like them.
> The Nord Micromodular that is featured in the demos at
> http://www.chicipick.com _is_ a synth, btw.  Take a gander at
> http://www.clavia.se/modular.htm to see what I'm taking about.  But it 
> also be used as a processor because it has external audio inputs.
> If you already have a guitar synth or other pitch-MIDI converter, even
> better... you don't have to buy a Chicipick to try out the ideas 
> at that website (using pick signals to start/stop sequences, control 
> parameters in real time, etc.).  I like the Sitar2 demo myself.  The bass
> demos are neat too.  Most of these demos are generated by real guitars 
> basses processed through synths.
> Heck you don't even have to use a Micromodular (although they are
> inexpensive).  Any synth that can process external audio will do.
> Paolo
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