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RE: dancing and stig

Title: RE: dancing and stig

my wife got a postcard in the mail for a dance concert on nov. 17 in
san pedro, and i noticed your name on it.

** yep . . .

are you performing live with the auricle ensemble? 

** yeah. this is a band i have called minim. it's flutes (inc. alto/pic), electric violins (4/5-string), percussion (drumset/vibes), 6-string basses (fretted/fretless). we're doing two pieces of mine. one is basically 23 small miniatures (takes about 55 minutes) and the other is a smaller piece i did for belinda (about 11 minutes i think).  a lot of improv intwined with the written on our end, she's choreographing using improv too. the flautist and percussionist are also doing small pieces with belinda that eve. hope it all works.

if so, very cool.
we will probably be there anyway since my wife is a friend of
belinda's and a choreographer to boot.

** cool. did you go to one of these about 9-10 months ago at angel's gate? i'm starting to think that we met there at another of belinda's gigs (she did some stuff to some recorded pieces of another band of mine, my 5-year-old daughter was with me) - - did your wife dance at one about then?

hopefully i will see you there and maybe we can say hello?  will the
"L" on the forehead be a good enough hand signal for you?

** i won't recognize the "l" - - best o just say hi.

any loopage happening in the set?

** nope. no loopage in this stuff. i don't use effects with this band.