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RE: dancing and stig

>** cool. did you go to one of these about 9-10 months ago at angel's 
>gate? i'm starting to think that we met there at another of 
>belinda's gigs (she did some stuff to some recorded pieces of 
>another band of mine, my 5-year-old daughter was with me) - - did 
>your wife dance at one about then?

nah, i doubt it.  i haven't been to angels gate since....whew...'90 
maybe?  my wife doesn't dance anymore...she's the choreographer for 
mandala danceworks.  not sure how her and belinda know each other, 
but i know the so cal dance world is an incestuous bunch, where 
everybody knows everybody...somehow.

had a strange thought whilst driving to work this morning, with 
memories of san pedro in my head (i lived in long beach 87-94).  i 
wondered what list of "the 6 degrees of mike watt" might look like...

anyway, we'll probably see you there!


>hopefully i will see you there and maybe we can say hello?  will the
>"L" on the forehead be a good enough hand signal for you?
>** i won't recognize the "l" - - best o just say hi.
>any loopage happening in the set?
>** nope. no loopage in this stuff. i don't use effects with this band.