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Cracking Loop heavy gig in London (very short review)

just a quick note to say if you get the chance to see Aziz play, jump at it
- he used to be in the Stone Roses, and has also played with Simply Red,
Asia, Ian Brown and a host of other people, and is currently gigging with
the Smiths rhythm section - Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce. His guitar set up 
huge, and included two DL4s, a JamMan, a VG-8 and a VG-88 ,and he's using
one of those Digitech vocalist things which sounded fantastic, much to my
surprise. His playing has the prerequisite Hendrix elements, with a fair
slice of Frank Dunnery an even Steve Hillage thrown in, and a fair amount 
Indian/Middle Eastern stuff in there to make it interesting. Cracking songs
and not a bad voice either, and loops flying in all over the place, often
pitch shifted or backwards. What's more his sound with his VG-88 Godin
guitar is fantastic.

Nice to hear that those Smiths chaps are sounding as good as ever as