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RE: math children

What weird timing. I just pulled that tip for Cakewalk's next newsletter. 
took it from a book called Cakewalk Power! 
Many professional musicians use delay to synchronize echoes with their
music. For instance, you can have the echoes play in time with each quarter
note, eighth note, sixteenth note, and so on. All that's required for this
cool trick is a little simple math. 

Begin by figuring the Delay Time needed to synchronize the echoes to each
quarter note. To do so, just divide 60,000 (the number of milliseconds in
one minute) by the current Tempo (measured in beats per minute) of your
project. So for a Tempo of 120 bpm, you get 500 milliseconds. If you set 
delay time to 500, the resulting echoes will sound with a quarter note

To figure out the Delay Time for other note values, you just need to divide
or multiply. Because an eighth note is half the value of a quarter note, 
simply divide 500 by two to get 250 milliseconds. A sixteenth note is half
the value of an eighth note, so 250 divided by 2 is 125. See how that 
If you want to find out  larger note values, just multiply by two. Because 
half note is twice as long as a quarter note, you multiply 500 by 2 to get
1000 milliseconds, and so on.

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what's the equation you need to do to calculate delay time?
much obliged