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FS: Boomerang

Well, after much thought, manual downloading, and
nail-biting, I've decided to take the plunge and buy a
Repeater.  This will, however, necessitate selling my
faithful Boomerang in order to generate the necessary
filthy lucre for such a purchase.  Before I put it up
on eBay, I thought I'd give first crack to the
Loopers's Delight community.  This is an original
Boomerang (without the upgraded OS) with 4 MB of
memory, including the original box and power supply
and a manual printed from the Boomerang website.  I
purchased the unit about 16 months ago, and have since
used it in practices with my band (including a weekend
recording date and a couple of gigs) and in my home
noodlings.  I've babied it, though, so it's still in
great shape.  Asking $325.  Contact me off-list at
coirbidh_99@yahoo.com to arrange payment and shipping.


Scott Martin

And if it's up to us to bring some balance back
Let it not be said it's courage that we lack

-Gaia Consort, "Cry Freedom"

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