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Re: Jam Man Repairs

Hi Doc:

You asked:

>My JamMan is stubbornly refusing to go into Echo mode. Does Lexicon still 
>repair these, and, if not, who does?

Repair for the JamMan (and the Vortex) used to be
a flat repair rate for $95 US.  This is sadly no
longer the case.

Since they're now considered "Legacy" products (i.e.
it's been more than five years since manufacturing
of the JM and Vortex ceased), they are repaired on
an estimate basis.

It'll cost $75 US for them to do the estimate.  If you
choose to have the work done, they apply that $75
to the cost of the repair.  I had my JamMan repaired
(rotary encoders replaced, etc.).  The estimate was
somewhere around $140, but the repair ended up being
closer to $115.

I was having the same problem you are having.

Turnaround time was around 3 weeks or so.

peter koniuto