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Advice for MIDI interface

Hey Fellow Loopers....
I was hoping to elicit some advice from those a little more knowledgable 
and/or experienced on the list....
I am looking for a MIDI interface for my PC recording.  I am using a 
Delta series soundcard and breakout box with Vegas and/or Logic ...but 
I would like to do is get a MIDI interface so I can record a track, with a 
loop from my JamMan, and the add a serperate track(s) with still another 
loop and keep it sync'd via MIDI clock from Vegas.  This would allow me to 
create multiple textures via the loops, rather than stuff a loop full of 
stuff, and then OD on it,real-time, in Vegas....
MidiMan makes a few of these kinds of devices: Midisport, which is both 
or 2x2 (or even 8x8, but that is way too much MIDI for my limited 
application). It connects to the PC via USB. I was wonderin' about the 
efficiency and latency of the USB.  Any thoughts?  The JamMAn itself has 
some MIDI latency issues, and I have steered clear of USB, until now, 
because of those very same issues.
MidiMan also makes the Portman which, I believe, is the same thing, but 
hooked up via series/parallel ports on the computer.
Anybody use these, or similar devices...or even have some other concept 
syncing multiple JamMan loop'd tracks?
Thanks in advance.....Max

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