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Re: Best effects processor.

"italoop@libero.it" wrote:
> Claude wrote:
> > delay times of 9 X 1/4, 17 X 1/16
> > something as simple as: give me a 3 1/8 delay time on the right and 9
> > 1/8 on the left and 12 1/16 on  the center all related to the clock
> > its a very intuitive way to build up multitap delays sequences that go
> > over the bar
> > and there are delay ratios to the clock that cannot be obtained by the
> > usual way (5,4,3,2 bars,dot whole, whole, etc....)
> >
> > Claude
> You can do the same thing with a different approach in Eclipse. Just a
> matter of knowing your time signatures and polyrhythms subdivisions
> better.
> best regards
> Italo


I know y time sig and stuff its just that I cannot see how you would
attain even with the extended values you described a delay time that is
something like 3 quarter notes + a dotted 8th 
wich could _also_ be described in a DDelay soft as 51 x 1/16 the exact
delay time (in msecs) being calculated from the DDelay tempo (midi clock
or as a preset tempo)
I like the strange "Canons" that can occur sometimes when you do setups
like that and play to a 4/4 drum pattern that synces the delay time

I think this would be a much more instinctive way to enter delay times
by choosing the ref value (1/8 ,1/4, trip etc  _and_ how many I want of
them as my delay time; also, when you search for the right delay time by
ear it would be more musical to scroll the delay times by increasing the
nb of eight you want than go thru all the intermediate values you dont
want to hear (on stage)