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Re: Best effects processor.

Claude wrote:
> Italo
> I know y time sig and stuff its just that I cannot see how you would
> attain even with the extended values you described a delay time that 
> something like 3 quarter notes + a dotted 8th 
> wich could _also_ be described in a DDelay soft as 51 x 1/16 the exact
> delay time (in msecs) being calculated from the DDelay tempo (midi 
> or as a preset tempo)
> I like the strange "Canons" that can occur sometimes when you do 
> like that and play to a 4/4 drum pattern that synces the delay time
> I think this would be a much more instinctive way to enter delay times
> by choosing the ref value (1/8 ,1/4, trip etc  _and_ how many I want 
> them as my delay time; also, when you search for the right delay time 
> ear it would be more musical to scroll the delay times by increasing 
> nb of eight you want than go thru all the intermediate values you dont
> want to hear (on stage)

I understand what you are asking for! It's cool!
Actually our DSP7000/7500 and ORVILLE processors allow these cool math 
tricks! They are open platforms where users can totally build 
algorithms with audio/control/modulation & math modules. It can be 
easily done using Eventide downloadable freeware VSIGFILE, on a Windows 
Eclipse has already MANY cool subdivisions and if you want to get DEEP 
into polyvoice polyrhythms, those units are beyond anything you can try 
on the market. We have programs for those tasks on the bigger boxes.

best regards
Italo De Angelis
best regards