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Re: Repeater & EDP: Ideas for synergy

>It seems like one advantage of using the EDP as the
>master would be the ability to move thru several
>loops of different cycle lengths & have the Repeater
>react via its time stretch capability.

you can also change the 8th/cycle while the loop is running.
Thus the Repeater would adapt to any multiple of the speed of the EDP.
In the upgrade we quantize this clock speed change to loop end on 
order to maintain the sync of beat one.

Neil said
>I don't see how the Repeater would time stretch in relation to different 
>loops. Tempo or pitch stretch commands come via midi CC# in real time (or
>via the controls onboard), not in relationship to anything that comes out
>the EDP midi out (correct me if I'm wrong). I can see controlling 
>loops via footswitch or midi slider, in relationship to something on the 
>with midi clock sync, but decisions have to be made by ear (or head).

As far as I understood the Repeater it should follow a clock change of the 
Such speed change can happen due to different loop length or 
different 8th/cycle parameter


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