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Re: Repeater & EDP: Ideas for synergy

It seems like one advantage of using the EDP as the
master would be the ability to move thru several
loops of different cycle lengths & have the Repeater
react via its time stretch capability.


--- Neil Goldstein <ngold@home.com> wrote:
> Would love to hear how people would use both of
> these together. They are
> both so rich in features, and have an interesting
> overlap and mutually
> exclusive features too.
> I haven't had a chance (or desire) to work with both
> of mine together, and
> honestly, I was contemplating selling my EDP as the
> Repeater does so much of
> what I've used the EDP for, now that the new OS is
> out. But I love the EDP,
> its served me well, but I don't want too much
> complexity. And honestly the
> Repeater wins, for my purposes, if its one or the
> other.
> On the other side of the coin, now that the midi
> sync is working tight in
> the Repeater, there are some real cool possibilities
> running both of these
> together.
> Before I play with both together, I would like to
> have some kind of roadmap
> for what I want to do and how to do it, esp vis a
> vis what is master and
> what is slave.
> All this over-analyis is because of my limited time
> for music I'm wanting to
> practice and create, rather than be messing with
> settings, etc.
> So I would love to hear from some of you advanced
> users, even if you don't
> have both units, what kind of things you could/would
> do. Trade secrets are
> esp welcome :-)
> Neil Goldstein
> Portland, Oregon

John Tidwell

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