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Wanted: Zoom 508 tips

Hello fellow loopers--
This message goes out to those of you who have used the Zoom 508 for
delayish short loops--I got this one a few weeks ago and recently unpacked
it (!) and put it to use--the only trick I have come up with is setting the
feedback to 99 (still fades too fast, huh) and toggling between patches 
the effect set to 50 and 0--using the external pedal (I'm using a Roland
DP-2) for tap times.  It's problematical, fer sure--but still loads of 
fun.  I'm just wondering if I'm missing something obvious in terms of
usability--the record doesn't begin until you tap the time, since it's
really a delay and not a looper--any tips from old masters (John Price,
maybe?) of this cool unit?
PS  If I really had the time, I'd get a Repeater--but I still eagerly await
that EDP upgrade--Harvey Starr says the new software looper (MIDI) for the
Ztar sends clock!  Ohboyohboyohboy . . .G