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Re: EDP Synch out to Repeater all crazy!?

If you were trying to sync to a short loop on the EDP
&/or your 8th/beat parameter was set to a high value,
the midi clock might be too much for the Repeater
to handle. On the Againinator, you can get around
this problem by substituting its quartz crystal for
crystal meth.


--- Mark Sottilaro <sine@zerocrossing.net> wrote:
> Hey,
> Jon Wagner and I played a little college party last
> night, and we had 
> some trouble with Synch from his Echoplex.  He's got
> a Repeater as well, 
> and both of our units started acting really strange
> after a while.  The 
> tempo seemed to be shifting as much as 10 BPM in any
> direction.  
> Sometimes while I tried to record, my Repeater would
> exclaim, 
> "TEMPOFAST" and wouldn't let me.  I've been a beta
> tester for the 
> Repeater, and have stopped having synch issues after
> the first bug fix I 
> received from Electrix.  It seems to stay synched to
> my drummachine with 
> no problems at all.  Any idea what could have caused
> this?
> Mark Sottilaro

John Tidwell

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