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Re: (Sync)

on 10/30/01 5:20 AM, Bruce Comens at bcomens@corelli.nexus.it wrote:

> The slaved drum machine seems to follow the Repeater (with the new OS)
> exactly if you've recorded music, but if you've actually recorded the 
> loop, you realize it's slightly off (and repeats exactly the same way).
> Perhaps that's just midi?   But when the Repeater is slaved to the 
> it's even further off, quite wacky.  For that matter, the built-in 
> also seems to do odd things in relation to the drum machine, which just
> doesn't make sense to me.  The drum machine is a DR-770, so it should be
> dead on....but i'll try to get hold of another drum machine to check it 
>> I dont have a Repeater to test this, and I wonder. Some say its syncs
>> dead on, Mark said the drums was perfect but the EDP was off... I
>> dont know, and I wonder... probably depends strongly on the OS
>> version...
>> I just know that a slaved drum follows the EDP pretty exactly.
>> All three units have some artefacts when they are slaved (I wrote a
>> longer mail about the limitations of MIDI to drive audio correctly).
>> As I heard the JamMan clicks are stronger than the EDP clicks and
>> Repeater probably does not produce clicks but other artefacts that
>> come from time stretching, which hardly can be "dead on"...
Interesting.  I duplicated the experiment that Kim suggested, where I
recorded a drum pattern that was coming out of the same drum machine that
was providing the Electrix synch.  I had good results.  Tried it several
times with different beta versions of the software, and they all seemed
good.  The only one I have not tried was the official release of version 
I'll give it a whirl tonight and see how it behaves.

Mark Sottilaro