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R: How Can I Do This (And What Do I Need)

I think that the effect you have listened is produced by a sampler.
If you have got one the procedure is the following:
1.    Sample the loop  [hello, for ex]
2.    Associate it to a key of your master keyboard
3.    Make shure that the volume is modulated by the velocity (or by 
midi controller)
4.    Play it on the keyboard or whit the sequencer (one note every 1/4 or
1/8)         and apply an envelope (the envelope will control the midi
controller that             you have selected...)

I use this method...
usually I apply an effect like an echo or a long reverb

Max Power

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Subject: How Can I Do This (And What Do I Need)

> Ok, I have been in the mix game for some years, and there are still
> of it, that I have not mastered.
> There's an effect, I am trying to duplicate (on my PC, using Sound Forge
> 5.0, (and all it's Plugins), ACID 3.0, and Cool Edit Pro and FruityLoops
> 3.3)
> The effect I am trying to create (it exists), is a multi tap delay, that
> builds to a cresendo). Sort of like if I said "Hello", (at 120 BPM), the
> effect would be "H-H-H-Hello", but in tempo, and starting at; say -6
> decibles, then going to +20.
> I have heard this effect in several songs (none come to mind now), but I
> know it exists ! I am not insane, or am I.
> Leo Cavallo used something similar in "Stuttering Stravinsky".
> I have a lot of Direct X Plugins, so I am sure one of them can produce
> effect. I just know what it is called.... PLEASE HALP !!!!!
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