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RE: Hypercardioid mic suggestions

Maybe you could provide us with a little more information about 
what you will be miking... the environment/context of it, and 
what your budget is. 

Chances are, I think you will want just a normal cardioid mike. 
They have the best coloration to directionality ratio, and in most 
instances is exactly what you need. looking ar a hypercardioid, 
you get better off-axis results, at the expense of opening up the 
back-end of the mike to some sound... continuing through the spectrum, 
a figure 8 has the best off-axis attenuation, at the expense of 
having equal magnitudes at either side of the mike...

shotguns are a different beast all together, and have the most
coloration of any mikes. hardly what you need unless you are miking
something like dialogue from a distance...

again, it's up to what you are miking, how you're planning on miking 
it, why you're miking it that way, if you're planning on using this
mike for anything else ever, and how much money you've got.