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Re: Eventide Eclipse Ooooops

Italo, et.al.,

Perhaps shit is right.

I have two Eclipses at the house presently.  I received my first from Sweetwater 2-3 days before going on tour in August.  I was enamored enough of it's sounds, that I played a dozen solo concerts using just a couple of presets (234 mostly) in conjunction with the DL4.  However, the "famous" knob was not straight/true.  The packaging that it arrived in didn't look like a factory job to me.  

Sweetwater sent me another one which sat here unopened for two months.  The new one also has a knob that isn't true, although a little closer than the first.  The little bank of 15 number/arrow/enter keys on the right hand side of the unit were, on the first unit, hard black plastic, sticking out about 1/16".  On the replacement unit those have been replaced by charcoal gray rubber keys that stick out about 3/16".  This seems odd to me, but maybe is common with new products...also, the lettering at the far right, says Harmonizer Effects Processo (sic).

With the replacement unit, the level indicator is lit up with nothing going thru it (the two bottom 'circles' - 40 & 28 - are constantly lit).  You should hear the lovely pops when I change programs...Any suggestions from the list about this problem in particular?  Anyone from Eventide on this list?  I'll be calling Sweetwater later today.

I'm upset that this is happening with the most expensive piece of equipment that I've ever owned (besides a tuba or car), and because I'm leaving again in less than a week to play concerts in Minneapolis, Pittsburgh and Oberlin...

I'm particularly upset because I also LOVE the thing...

Any help/advice (esp. with the levels) would be welcome.


Tom Heasley