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Re: Hypercardioid mic suggestions

Craque wrote:

> Hi Loopers,
> I have a quandry. What do folks here recommend as a good hypercardioid
> microphone? Essentially I'm interested in the narrowest possible polar
> pattern to enable better direct pickup of a sound with the least amount
> of other sounds coming through.
> Obviously this depends partially on mic placement, but I wonder if people
> have had better luck with some models than others in getting an extremely
> directional pattern - maybe I need to look into rifle mics?
> This would be my first step into the world of high-end microphones, so 
> advice from loopers who sample live instruments and/or objects would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks!
> matt
> http://craque.net
> (ps - my Repeater (along with many other looping devices) in action at
> http://craque.net/miquez/aidscare2001.html)


i don't have much advice for you, but i know who i'd ask if i was in your


if you email them with a little more info about what you are trying to
record, you may get feedback (no pun intended) from a variety of pro
engineers who regularly respond to their "letters to tapeop" section. likes
of: jack endino, tony visconti, phill brown and other well-(or lesser
well-)known folks...

lance g.

ps their server seems to be down at the moment tho...

pps cool site. craquehaus...i like that!