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hypercardioids will reject a significant amount of off-axis information, but they don't beam a pinpoint pickup pattern. i'm don't know how directional you need the mic to be, and it's possible that only a shotgun will work for you.

but, you asked about hypercard's, and here's my $.02:

you have a lot of money, world is your oyster.
you have not too much money, here's what i use:

akg c87 mkIII

not fabulous but nice enough, and way cheap considering (again, i am impelled to recommend full compass systems). also quite flexible in that it allows the option of AA battery power, for those location gigs where no phantom is available. one example - i find that it makes a good hi-hat mic since it rejects off-axis sounds which are (luckily!) also not in the frequency range of the sound the mic trained on. so a little eq helps you out there as well.


akg C3000

is multipattern and offers hyper as one of the selections.  NB:  the newer, C3000B is cardiod-only,  you'll need to find a used 3000 but if it's in good shape the price should really be right. the sound quality of the 3000 is actually surprisingly nice, tho it's sensitivity makes it seem like the hyper pattern is less tight. phantom only on that bad boy.

if you really want the hots, check the sennheiser 441 - supercardioid, mulitple rolloff frequencies... oooh la la!


Craque wrote:
> Hi Loopers,
> I have a quandry. What do folks here recommend as a good hypercardioid
> microphone? Essentially I'm interested in the narrowest possible polar
> pattern to enable better direct pickup of a sound with the least amount
> of other sounds coming through.
> Obviously this depends partially on mic placement, but I wonder if people
> have had better luck with some models than others in getting an extremely
> directional pattern - maybe I need to look into rifle mics?
> This would be my first step into the world of high-end microphones, so any
> advice from loopers who sample live instruments and/or objects would be
> appreciated.

just what the world needs....
another frikkin url