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Re: Boomerang Woes

The people at boomerarang are great.  The problems is there are only a few
of them.  If you could fax the info to them I'm sure you'ld get a response
within a day or two.
Thats the quickest way to get a response.
btw: there fax # is on the web site www.bomerangmusic.com
The way the waranty works is just to send it to:
If returning your unit, please send it to:
Boomerang Musical Products; 305 Easton Rd.; Dallas, TX 75218

With the details and a receipt (if you didn't mail in your card)
Hope that helps

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Subject: Boomerang Woes

> Anybody have any experience with Boomerang service?  I need to get one
> of my units serviced and they have not responded to my e-mails or phone
> messages.  I've already had to do one gig with only one boomerang and
> have more upcoming.  Perhaps I should be looking into a Repeater.