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(still OT) Progressive?

I don't mean this as an attack on anyone here, merely a comment on
language, culture, and human perspectives in general.


The 2 most ludicrous music genre terms, in my opinion, are



The terms mean, essentially, 1. "better than" and 2. "other than"

Better than what?  And it what way?  Of course a vehement disco fan is
likely to see Donna Summer as superior to Yes.  Any arguments to the
contrary are subjective.  Progressive?  The old Church Lady rant comes to
mind: "Well now, we sure like ourselve, don't we?"

(again, not a slam, just a look)

What was called "alternative rock" became so popular in the '90s that it
became that which it was supposed to be an ALTERNATIVE from, POPULAR.

(I also love the "just john" comment, ".... if it's "Progressive," why does
it sound the same now as it did a
quarter century ago?")

Anyway, what comes to mind when progressive rock is brought up:

Universal Juveniles by MAX WEBSTER  (an all-time fave)

If you don't hate Ozzy's voice and haven't heard the last 3 he did w/ Black
Sabbath in the '70s, you must:
Technical Ecstacy
Never Say Die