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RE: Looper Dreams

I had a loop-based dream too last night, there was a snake in a bagel
factory...I don't quite understand it, but it must have something to do 
looping. :)

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Subject: Re: Looper Dreams

> I had a weird dream last night (Loopstock setup angst?  I'm sure.)
> I had ordered a new looper.  I'm not sure what it was.  It didn't come,
> so I went to the FedEx building and asked about it.  After a while, the
> guy come back with a bunch of pieces.  It came unassembled and without a
> box.  Of course, I had my guitar and stuff with me, and I started to try
> and put it together in the waiting room of FedEx.  The looper seemed
> cheaply made, but I then realized that the faceplate was actually
> detachable, and could be used as a remote control.

Dream Interpretation:

It was no dream.  This actually happened.

You had ordered the new, improved Againinator (with improved front panel
graphics).  Due to federal regulations, these powerful units must be 
unassembled and never sent directly to private residences.  (Besides, it
minimizes the assembly department at the main plant.)

Unfortunately, when it was packed, the "Record" button was bumped to "On".
Then, when you assembled it, you must have hit the "Undo Whole Experience"
button.  Hence, all that is left seems to be some vague dream.

Hope this helps... :D

Dennis Leas