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Re: Loopstock appreciation

Hey Gang...
I would like to express my most sincere appreciation, thanks and respect 
everyone at Loopstock (the performers, the crew, the audience..and mostly 
Hans, who pulled it all together in a rather brilliant way!)Stanitarium 
(Stan Card) very cool stuff with those pcm's
Steve Rice: loved that didj set...beautiful!  Is true that was you first 
gig? Mark Hamburg...what a great set!  That was the first of many 
that evening where I wished I had an EDP (or two, eh Mark?), and that was 
BEFORE my JamBoy started acting up!
Sleeping....not hardly sleeping, more like staring in amazement at MArk's 
array of cables!  Cool set, made want an Againinator, too.
Matthias Grob and Jon Wagner: WOW!  It was like going to school for 
looping.  Jon, you have a great thing going on, and had some of the most 
beautiful sounds coming off...drums!  Matthias, THANK YOU!
Your playing was so beautiful and inspiring, and you ability to 
your gtr and loops was incredible...really filled my head with ideas!
Rich Atkinson/Cliff Novey....amazing blend of sounds, textures and 
dynamics...I found myself listening to you quite a bit while I should have 
been setting up!
Dr. Zvonar: Holy Mackerel! an amazing display of the power of sound and 
remix (really re-remixing, eh?)really incredible and inspiring, thank you.
Rick...geez, if anyone could take what essentially was a gear meltdown and 
make it both entertaining and musical, it is you.  Everytime I see I learn 
something more!
Ted Killian/Bob Sterling.....Ted, you are amazing! And Bob's addition on 
'peater and drum controller was exceptional!  I loved every moment of your 
set...and really LOVE your CD.  Thanks so much for making the trip all the 
way down.  It was a joy to hear you.
Tome Heasley.....the coolest thing this side of Jon Hassell!  And on a 
Tuba!!! wow...amazing, ethereal, beautiful.
Bill: thanks for showing me what is really possible with that stuff!  For 
everyone who didn't make it down, keep an ear open for Bill's stuff.  His 
playing and looping were absolutely exceptional. Brilliant!
Can I join your fan club?
Armatronix...Hans, you da man!  Poised amongst this wall of gear, Hans was 
bopping like a man possessed, and producing the wildest array of sounds!  
Really great!  And all that AFTER he did all the work to organize and pull 
off this whole wingding!  THREE CHEERS FOR HANS!
Thanks everyone...it was a great weekend!
Let's do it again!!!!

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