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where prog meets fusion

kevin simons has already heard this one, but

that motel....
it's the MAGMA motel.

when you check in there billy cobham registers you at the desk and has tommy bolin hop your bags to the room.

now, it's a funny thing... i'm currently reading _the inferno_ and although i don't see where dante makes any reference to this particular spot i just KNOW it's there.

ok, stop me, please.

on: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 01:58:11 -0300
Julio Moreno <ciego@ig.com.br>


> ''Axis As Bold As Love'' , Hendrix


who had said

> Brand X

all because anti:clockwise@tensionheadache.org thought
_where prog rock meets fusion_
> it's a cheap motel offa state hiway 30. bout 7 or 8 miles outside.
> you'll know it cause the parking lot's always full - but nobody wants to go there.