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Re: Scratch - the movie / DJ sync

>I've been looking at some of the DJ technology, and some of it 
>really is remarkable. For those who really need to get their mitts 
>on vinyl but want to push the envelope there are disk cutters and 
>even a system that allows you to control a computer playback system 
>from a special vinyl record. There are also a number of very 
>advanced CD players that allow most or all of the vinyl spinning 
>techniques, an then some. I wonder if anyone on the list is familiar 
>with these systems, such as the Pioneer CDJ-1000


>and Numark Axis 8.


>  I'm also curious about some of the more advanced DJ mixers that 
>include sampling functions.

yes, I keep saying that I would like to play with a DJ that can send me a 
I think there are players that analyze the sound and create that 
clock, or how do they add drum samples so acurately to CDs?

the two machines you mention have some "Beat Keeper" Sync, but do not 
seem to be MIDI... well, any clock would be fine for the EDP!

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