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Why I support the Internet Radio Protest Blackout on May 1st

Dear Loopers,

    I've been reading the debate sparked by Stephen Goodmans' posting about
his intention to
blackout his internet radio station on May 1st to protest the proposed
acceptance of the CARP
recommendations by the Librarian of Congress  (see
and I wanted to put in my quick two impassioned cents into the debate.

    This is an incredibly important event in the future of independent

    The issue is not necessarily about whether musicians and composers
should be compensated for their work but more for the
fact that the music business has an increasing stranglehold on the
dissemination of music in this country.   They are usurous
and decietful in their practises.*   Right now,  the internet and internet
radio is the ONLY way I have of getting my music
out to people.   I made a very decent amount of money from my entirely
independently produced, manufactured and disseminated
CD of abstract, loop based electronica last year (because I stepped out of
the paradigm of the music  industry and did everything myself) and I would
never have been able to do the dance commissions, documentary soundtracks,
museum appearances and other gigs if I had relied on the dominant paradigm
to 'pay' me for my music.

Acceptance of the CARP recommendation will effectively put independent
internet radio out of business.
Independent internet radio owners have proposed paying a fee to artists 
will not bankrupt them.  The CARP recommendations
put the fee so high that only the majors will win out.     They are not
taking recommendations from the independents nor are they
taking recommendations from the general population.

This legislation will only increase the major  mega-corporate music 
labels stranglehold on music in the world.

Please fight it!!!!

yours,   sincerely,   Rick Walker (aka Loop.pooL)

*go to this URL to read Courtney Love's insightful address to the Digital
Hollywood Media Conference in New York City
about the relationship of the music industry to artists.  This transcript 
her lengthy (and eye opening) speech really
cemented my attitudes towards the major labels and the music 'business' in