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re: Why I support the Internet Radio Protest Blackout on May 1st

>>This is an incredibly important event in the future of independent music.

Yes the CARP proposal's fee structure is absurd, and is a wolf in
sheep's clothing.  The proposal will kill internet radio at all the
college stations, and small outfits that are trying to compete with the
majors.  Just the retroactive aspect will be enough to accomplish this
in short order.

Please -  I have trouble finding anything interesting on broadcast radio
- and I'm in metro New York!  If internet radio isn't available I won't
have access to any new music except MP3s and I don't have the bandwidth
to make that practical.  I wrote both my state senators and said how
tired I am that our legislators just don't see past the fact that the
issue is 'complex'.  Why they go to the usurious record companies and
clear channel fat cats for advice is beyond my comprehension.  Who do
they represent anyway?

Sorry, I'm through venting now.  I want to be able to listen to NPR and
my New Afternoon Show (WNYC/WFDU) on internet radio .  It's DOA without
intervention of someone that's sensitive to both artists' rights and to
the small provider.

>> Courtney Love's insightful address to the Digital Hollywood Media 
>Conference in New York City

That article put her in a whole new light for me.  I've always had
respect for her as an artist -some of her music really has something to
say.  Figured that the temper tantrums and aggressive idiocy reported in
the press are mostly a PR ploy.  I now realize that she's alot brighter
and tuned in than I thought.  Anyway I am glad this article is still
being circulated - it put the whole Napster issue in perspecitve for
me... Another 'complex' issue, yes?

Dan Ash