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Re: OT Yamaha A5000 Sampler

I was looking at that Yamaha deal as well, but I think I'd rather same my money and go for
Akai's new Z-4 sampler which gives you a USB connection and software for your Mac & PC.
The A5000, though very powerful, is extremely slow in loading samples and if you are going to
deal with long loops, it could be excruciatingly slow.    It is also limited to 128 MB while the Z-4
can take you to 512 MB.  You might want to check it out before you invest in older technology.....
Now if you could get the A5000 for $500 or so bucks, it would be a great deal.....
If it's mostly loops you want to sample, the Repeater is probably your best bet.  But if you
want to have the ability to spread your samples out on a keyboard or control them with pads,
I'd look at the latest samplers....
By the way, I'm still using an ancient Korg DSS-1 (256K) and the DSM (1 MB).
They are good workhorses for percussion samples and some retro sounds...
particularly the DSS-1....  but no loop time.

Luigi Meloni wrote:

Hi all. My studio is looking around for a sampler, and I found a really good offer on the yamaha a5000 sampler. Has anyone of you ever tried one?I know that it should be compatible to almost all the kinds of samples (Wav, Aiff, Akai S1000 & S3000, Roland S760, Emu EIII), and the price is really interesting (less then half the list price, and it is new).Obviously it will be used for loops ;-) Thanx PeaceLuigi