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[Hip-Hop] BSP: Felonious w/ Armatronix @ SLO Brew Saturday 5-4-2002

Dear Hip-Hop Fans,

Please come by SLO Brew this Saturday night and check out Felonious and
Armatronix.  This show is an experiment to see whether live hip-hop is
feasible in SLO, and with a little bit of support it can become a
regular thing.

Felonious is a band from the Bay Area whose style has much in common
with the Roots, in that they've departed from the DJ paradigm in favor
of live instrumentation, beat-boxing, and vocal scratching.  They've
also got tight MC skills.  Please welcome them to the Central Coast.

Armatronix will open the show, doing our best interpretation of
downtempo trip-hop dub, beginning at 9:30 P.M.

See you there,

-Hans Lindauer