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SF bay area Gig spam: Sunday- SLEEPING @ JavaRama

Dear Hip-Hop fans...

OK, we're probably not hip hop, but we've got a turntablist and some PHAT
beats, as the kids say.  Aesthetically pleasing, in other words FLY.

Come here me loop 'd loop.  Repeater Madness.  Maybe I'll even bring out
the Againinator prototype, if it's behaving.  On Chapman Stick, the famous
Katrin Schenk.  On turntable and drum machine Gerard Honig.

This Sunday night at 8:00PM we'll be making noise at the Java Rama Coffee
house in Alameda, CA.  Right on the main drag.  Park St. and Alameda St.
Easy to find, take 880 and get off at the 22nd St. Alameda exit and follow
signs to Alameda.  You go over a little bridge, as Alameda's an island off
the coast of Oakland.  If you went to Matthais's gig in Alameda, it's the
same place.

see you there,

Mark Sottilaro

Hans Lindauer wrote:

> Dear Hip-Hop Fans,
> Please come by SLO Brew this Saturday night and check out Felonious and
> Armatronix.  This show is an experiment to see whether live hip-hop is
> feasible in SLO, and with a little bit of support it can become a
> regular thing.
> Felonious is a band from the Bay Area whose style has much in common
> with the Roots, in that they've departed from the DJ paradigm in favor
> of live instrumentation, beat-boxing, and vocal scratching.  They've
> also got tight MC skills.  Please welcome them to the Central Coast.
> Armatronix will open the show, doing our best interpretation of
> downtempo trip-hop dub, beginning at 9:30 P.M.
> See you there,
> -Hans Lindauer