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quick routing advice please

i'm doing two shows soon, one tomorrow night, one the 11th. i'm planning 
on taking a headrush
and vortex for their looping capabilities and also a repeater for looping 
the whole
output/improvising with as a solo device, with a mofx along for delay and 
such. i'll be
hooking this into my mackie cfx 12 mixer, and i know a few of you have cfx 
mixers so i
figured i'd ask, what routing do you think would allow the most flexible 
setup for changing
around which looper is dominant and stuff like that?

i'm thinking:

repeater fed by aux send 1 and 2
vortex fed by alt 3/4
mofx in repeater fx loop

i'm going to try a few patching varieties out tonight and tomorrow before 
i go on, but i
wanted to get some advice from the more experienced loopers as i'm still 
quite new to

and if you're in the dc area and want to come see what i end up doing, 
feel free, here's the