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Re: Handsonic


In a message dated 5/5/02 10:37:56 AM, sine@zerocrossing.net writes:

>Also, our very own Ted performed with a gentleman at Loopstock in SLO.
>His only instrument was a Handsonic and it was pretty amazing stuff. 
>Made me want to go out and get one, and I'm a guitarist.

That was Dr. Bob Sterling. He's an amazing drummer . . . and yes he is a 
medical doctor (an ER surgeon in an L.A. hospital). He is also a Repeater 
user. Before the gig I sent him some wave files to load into the Electrix
to jam along with so he'd know a little about some of my ideas before
we played together for the first time in over a year. If it worked at all
on any level I'd say it was more due to his talents than to mine.