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silly little CONTEST

If you go to www.mp3.com/freakwincing... You can hear a SECRET cover tune... Please; DO NOT PLACE THIS ON ANY MP3 STATIONS, it is there for a select group of people and I will remove it if and when I get any kind of legal attention... I put t up as a treat, not to get rich, so you can enjoy it or don't!

The recording came about by chance during a looping solo improv in my garage, I feel its kind of novelty enough to show to you all, but not "good" enough to be worth the dollars I would have to pay to release a cover tune! Especially this cover tune...

And how about this, the first person to write to me and identify the cover tune WINS a brand new MORLEY little alligator XL T-shirt.

So download and/or listen until you find it, and then send me an e-mail!

the artist formerly know as:
Gregory Bruce Campbell