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Re: Loop IV and Loop 3bugs

At 08:02 AM 5/6/2002, ENAT21213@aol.com wrote:
>i'm wondering if loop IV will be a little less buggy?

?? that's an odd statement.... I think there were only 2 or 3 bugs ever 
found in loopIIIv5.0 in the past 5 years and it took 2 years before 
even found those. Of course Andre insisted that one of them become a 

>played last night and a recurring bug surfaced once again:
>when pressing overdub the signal doubles in volume...once in the loop 
>twice as quite as it should be.

that is a hardware problem, not software. I've seen it before, it usually 
means the VCA needs to be replaced.

>also had trouble triggering our drum machine............but once i turned 
>the edp off then back on it worked fine.

how do you have it set up, and what sort of problem do you have?

LoopIV has a lot of new synchronization features, so there will be all 
sorts of things you can do with a drum machine that are quite exciting. 
However, it's hard to know if it fixes your problem without more specifics 
about what your problem is.


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