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Re: Loop IV and Loop 3bugs

Based on my experience with loop 3 and loop IV, this does not sound
like a software problem.  I have never experienced the problems you
mention with either version, on 3 edp.
--- ENAT21213@aol.com wrote:
> i'm wondering if loop IV will be a little less buggy?
> played last night and a recurring bug surfaced once again:
> when pressing overdub the signal doubles in volume...once in the loop
> it's 
> twice as quite as it should be.
> also had trouble triggering our drum machine............but once i
> turned the 
> edp off then back on it worked fine.
> i've gone over all this with shane at gibson and the only thing we
> could come 
> up with is to reboot the edp.....this does the job for about 4 or 5
> shows 
> then the recurring or another bug appears.....kinda
> embarrassing........guess 
> i should start rebooting before each show?
> anyone else experiencing bugs.
> thanks,
> brian
> something about vampires and sluts
> http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/382/something_about_vampires_a.html

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