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EDP Loop4 MIDI Reset?

I spent a few hours over the weekend trying to figure out how to program
my PMC-10 as a controller for my newly-upgraded EDP.  I managed to get
record and overdub happening, but I tried to program a reset and didn't
have any luck.  Has anyone gotten this working yet?

Another related question:  I notice in the MIDI chart that there are a
few functions that appear to be similar, i.e. Record and SUSrecord. 
Before I turned the page in the manual and discovered SUSrecord, I
implemented a sustained record by programming a note on (#38) when the
button is pressed and the same note on again when the button is
released.  Could I have done the same thing by using the note number for
SUSrecord, and then sending a note on followed by a note off?  I can see
the advantage to these SUS functions if I were using, for example, a
keyboard.  Is there any advantage to it in my case, using the PMC-10?


-Hans Lindauer