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Re: Loop IV and Loop 3bugs

In a message dated 5/6/02 12:56:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time, kflint@loopers-delight.com writes:

>played last night and a recurring bug surfaced once again:
>when pressing overdub the signal doubles in volume...once in the loop it's
>twice as quite as it should be.

that is a hardware problem, not software. I've seen it before, it usually
means the VCA needs to be replaced.

thanks kim,
this is the first time i've  heard anyone but me seen this problem.......this is one of the issues i've been going through with my like 3rd edp(keep sending them back to gibson and receiving new ones only to find another problem).

>also had trouble triggering our drum machine............but once i turned
>the edp off then back on it worked fine.

how do you have it set up, and what sort of problem do you have?

LoopIV has a lot of new synchronization features, so there will be all
sorts of things you can do with a drum machine that are quite exciting.
However, it's hard to know if it fixes your problem without more specifics
about what your problem is.

press record and the record button again and it generally works 98% of the time......but then there's that 2%.
thank you for your help and advice!
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