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Re: EDP Loop4 MIDI Reset?

I wrote:

> > I spent a few hours over the weekend trying to figure out how to
> program
> > my PMC-10 as a controller for my newly-upgraded EDP.  I managed to
> get
> > record and overdub happening, but I tried to program a reset and
> didn't
> > have any luck.  Has anyone gotten this working yet?

Claude Responded:

> This indeed works enter 9x 3d 7f (x is you midi channel in hex)
> use a momentary pedal type on the pmc
> reset only resets the current loop see it as a long record press
> if you have multiple loops try general reset to reset all the loops
> (9x 3e 7f)
> or if you tweaked params you could also use pg ch 16 wich means reload
> (the stored preset replaces the edited preset)

Now I see the difference between Reset and General Reset (another
question I had).  I'm using the umbilical programmer to program the
PMC-10 so I'm not familiar with those hex strings, but I'm guessing that
the first hex value indicates the MIDI channel, the second is the note
value, and the third is the velocity?  I left the velocity at 64 when I
tried it - would that make a difference?  Also, should this be
programmed as a note on/note off combination, or just as a note on?

Thanks Claude!

-Hans Lindauer