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RE: OT: Phaser recommend

exactly what I'm looking for. thanks for the tips!! (now to come up with 

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On Mon, 6 May 2002, Peter Underwood wrote:

> I hear that the Big Briar Phaser whoops a llama's ass, but I haven't 
> personally tried it.

I've got the Big Briar phaser and love it. Its rate control is adjustable 
down to 1 cycle per 100 seconds. It doesn't do a sawtooth, though, to the 
best of my understanding. 

The Big Briar CP-251 Control Processor has a triangular and a square wave 
output from its LFO, and can be used to control the rate on the BBriar 
phaser. While the LFO on the Control Processor has a Rate knob labeled 
from 0.2 cycles/second to 50 cycles/second, the manual reads:
"The LFO frequency can go both lower than the minimum calibration on the 
RATE control by applying a negative control voltage...The minimum 
frequency is less than 0.03 Hz (one cycle every 33 seconds)."

(which is really cool to know, as I hadn't looked at that page before 

So you can get a sine wave cycle of 100sec, or a triangular of 33 seconds, 
but I don't know how to get a sawtooth waveform with a 60sec cycle. If you 
can find a way to generate a sawtooth coontrol voltage signal of 0-5v 
with a 60 second cycle you can use that to control the rate of the Big 
Briar phaser and get what you're looking for. 

Steve Burnett

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> >Subject: OT: Phaser recommend
> >Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 15:33:20 -0400
> >
> >Sorry for OT post but this is a good group to query. Wondering if people
> >have a recommend on a dedicated commercial or kit phaser. I am looking
> >one that is already very versitile or can be modded to produce a very
> >phase period (up to 60 seconds). Additionally, a sawtooth waveform would
> >super-cool as well. Most of the commercial pedals I have seen are not
> >extreme enough for my purposes; some kits I have found online look
> >promising; I have not investigated rackmount units yet.
> >
> >Any suggestions are appreciated!!
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Ben
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