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Re: OT: Phaser recommend

I been real b-z, haven't had a chance to voice my dual lincolns on th 
issue. But yes, the Big Briar Phaser is wickedly good and stupidly
versatile - input jacks for every knob on the dang thing, so's you can 
it with a pedal, or trigger inputs, or any waveform generator that's
compatable. The mind boggles.
    But I must also crow about the excellent phaser in the Boss GT-3 and
GT-6 multi-fx pedals. Time goes up to 16 seconds for a cycle (maybe more,
like 30! Okay, it's not 60, but...) and the GT-6 has MIDI clock in, so you
can sweep to the beat.
Also, it has the way cool "step phaser" setting, where it moves stepwise
instead of in a smooth sine or triangle wave. AND it has the over-the-top
"random step" pattern, where it just leaps about from resonance to
resonance, kinda like Zappa's "Ship Ahoy" solo. The GT-3 has an "internal
wave" (Sine, Triangle, or Saw) which can vary any parameter you choose, so
you can drive that phaser with a saw if you wish. Along with all the other
features in the GT pedals (including a VERY versatile delay which can do
infinite looping which you can either play over or add to) they are a 
One GT-6 will run you just over what one Big Briar goes for. Food for
Douglas Baldwin, Coyote-in-Residence

> I hear that the Big Briar Phaser whoops a llama's ass, but I haven't
> personally tried it.
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> >Subject: OT: Phaser recommend
> >Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 15:33:20 -0400
> >
> >Sorry for OT post but this is a good group to query. Wondering if people
> >have a recommend on a dedicated commercial or kit phaser. I am looking
> >one that is already very versitile or can be modded to produce a very
> >phase period (up to 60 seconds). Additionally, a sawtooth waveform would
> >super-cool as well. Most of the commercial pedals I have seen are not
> >extreme enough for my purposes; some kits I have found online look
> >promising; I have not investigated rackmount units yet.
> >
> >Any suggestions are appreciated!!
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Ben
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