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EDP Next Loop Confusion

Hi fellow EDP'ers!!!

Something that used to work on my EDP isn't happening anymore - My <next loop> function is no longer working. Any suggestions??? 

Ok...I am using the loop 3 software, with my drum brain synced with MIDI to the EDP.

1)I turn on the EDP unit with a long press of the <paramater> button.

2) I set <more loops> to 3

3) I set <switch quant> to CYC

4) I set <loop copy> to OFF

5) I press <record>,  play a riff, press <record> again 

6) The drum brain kicks in on time without complaining, asking for beer, or hitting on my girlfriend, and and my riff repeats nicely.  

7) I press <next loop> and nothing changes, I try again over and over - I stay on loop 1!!! 

Any Idea where I may be going wrong?? I used to get to change into loops 2 and 3 with no problem. 


Bradley Fish

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