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Re: Zappa

<<In another Zappa sighting, Watermelon In Easter

  Hay (from Joe's Garage) is in the soundtrack of
the new movie Y Tu Mama Tambien. (Spanish
language with English subtitles.  Pretty good
story about how two wild college freshmen take an
older woman on a road trip.)  Though he does not
use loops in the piece, the band just repeats a
phrase over and 
over.  FZ manages to keep it interesting both in
the parts with a guitar melody, and the
improvised solo sections even though the
background never 

Actually, the background does evolve throughout
the piece. Though that ostinato runs through the
entire piece, the way it is orchestrated changes,
you hear different percussion instruments come in
and out. It starts off with just a guitar playing
the ostinato, but it's later doubled by an
electric sitar, and so on.

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