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Re: WAY OT: digital transfers from 78's

Hi Lance. Don't Know there in L.A. but here I found a good Numark vinyl
player (the TTX model, I think) that has the capacity to play 33 1/3, 45 and
78, even in reverse mode, and has line and digital outs. I just ordered one
for my studio. Probably you could find one for rent and do the work
yourself. It is even cheaper than the ubiquitous Technics 1210 (way cheaper
here in Italy).

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Subject: WAY OT: digital transfers from 78's

> just a query to any LA list members who know of a local facility that is
> able to make cd's from old vinyl- 78's, to be exact.
> please respond off-list, if you prefer...
> thanks in advance!
> lance g.