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Video Performance Cambridge, MA 5.11.02

Hi folks,

As some of you may not have heard, the Zeitgeist Gallery has been put 
out of action by a fire. Rob Chalfen has found an alternate location 
for his subconsciouscafe, series, and I will be performing there on 

Much thanks to Rob and all the other good folks who put in so much 
energy to give people like me a place to play!

>subconsciouscafe @ BOSTON DANCE CENTER
>550 Mass Ave, Central Sq., 3rd fl.
>Next to Dance Complex,
>Above BookMarx bookstore
>Saturday, 11 May '02
>9:00 pm -
>JOHN CARLSON - trumpet
>ERIC HIPP - tenor
>GEORGE SCHULLER - drums & percussion
>A real working band of seasoned EITHER/ORCHESTRA vets & other transplanted
>local terrors work out on SUN RA charts, originals, maybe some Ellington.
>Video improv by Dr. T
>Plus Special Guests
>After a desperate week of strife & angst subconsciouscafe has landed 
>in a groovy space in Central Square. We plan to present our entire 
>schedual as closely as possible...Why not come up to our inaugural 
>show and dig some great new sounds?
>Suggested: a mere $10 or b/o
>Central Square Redline T
>All Ages
><http://www.zeitgeist-gallery.org> for updates
>info: 617.876.0860
>Send and receive Hotmail on your mobile device: http://mobile.msn.com


Visit "Before the Fall -- Images of the World Trade Center" at 

"There were so many things there that are not anywhere else in the 
world. There were millions of people, the strange reflective bars of 
the buildings and the shiny and shimmering towers that seemed like a 
fairy tale"   -- David-Michael Cook

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