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Re: EDP Next Loop -- Messed up???


I tried all 3 settings (Send, OFF, "t i") for <Autorecord> but My EDP will no longer switch loops!!! It used to work fine. It's a 4 month old unit but I'm afraid its subtly broken somehow.  Kim? Matthias? Is there something I'm missing or should I send this baby in for warrantee? 




  Vance Gloster <vgloster@microvault.com> wrote:

Hi Bradley,
Try this.  Set AutoRecord to ON.  Now, when you say NextLoop it does not go to the empty loop because the loop has not been recorded yet.  But if you have AutoRecord ON and the other settings as described, if the next loop is empty it will go into record at the end of the current loop.  You can get an electronic copy of the EDP manual at the Loopers Delight site at:
Good luck!
I am having a different problem with my EDP.  I have LoopCopy OFF, AutoRecord ON and SwitchQuant CYC.  I record loop #1.  Then I press NextLoop and record loop #2, but I fluff it.  In order to recover I do a long press on Record, which clears loop #2.  But when I record loop #2 again there is a gap of silence at the end.  I think what is going on is that the length of loop #2 is not getting erased, and I am playing slightly faster the second time I record.  When I end the recording it is not ending the loop at that point, but instead at the original later end point.  If I do a long press on Record followed by a long press on Multiply (which clears all loops) I do not have this problem, but I lose loop #1.  Is this ringing any bells for anyone?
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From: Bradley Fish
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Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 10:36 PM
Subject: EDP Next Loop Confusion

Hi fellow EDP'ers!!!

Something that used to work on my EDP isn't happening anymore - My <next loop> function is no longer working. Any suggestions??? 

Ok...I am using the loop 3 software, with my drum brain synced with MIDI to the EDP.

1)I turn on the EDP unit with a long press of the <paramater> button.

2) I set <more loops> to 3

3) I set <switch quant> to CYC

4) I set <loop copy> to OFF

5) I press <record>,  play a riff, press <record> again 

6) The drum brain kicks in on time without complaining, asking for beer, or hitting on my girlfriend, and and my riff repeats nicely.  

7) I press <next loop> and nothing changes, I try again over and over - I stay on loop 1!!! 

Any Idea where I may be going wrong?? I used to get to change into loops 2 and 3 with no problem. 


Bradley Fish

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