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Re: OT:Insect swarming inspires jazz software

At 7:36 AM -0700 5/10/02, deknow wrote:
>i've been using longish (1.5min) loops of my beehive for more than a year 
>(i installed a stereo mic pair when i built it).

I've used the sounds of bees and other insects in several pieces, 
most notably in my theater piece OX (1987) where I mixed them with 
short wave radio sounds. I got the bee recordings from an artist in 
Oakland who was doing an installation piece in which he used to sit 
for hours on end with his head and shoulders inside a glass-walled 
beehive. The bees build their honeycombs around him without incident. 
OX also had an olfactory element; the piece ended with the lighting 
of a large beeswax candle in the shape of Icarus, with wicks embedded 
in his wings. During a narration of the story of his flight too near 
the sun, the wings of the wax figure melted down and filled the 
theater with the aroma of beeswax.
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